New year, new goals, new place in life, and new challenges

Hey! I’m sure that some of you thought that I had give up on blogging. Lol! Because I haven’t. Like most of us in this day and age and with being a college student and all, I became swallowed by the crazy business of life.

Well, here is to a new year! A time for change, new goals, and new beginings. New years always bring such excitment for me. It’s a chance to improve things that you wish you would have in the year past, but it is also a time for reflection. A time to think back on years gone by and where you hope to go in the coming years. With all this in mind i think that it is important to remember to ask ourselves, “how is my spiritual
Iife?” Not only how is my walk with the Lord, but also, “what can I do to reach others for Christ?”
I believe that these two questions go very much together and are critical for us as followers of Christ to be asking ourselves not just at one time of the year but everyday! I say that these two questions go together because if we truely are seeking God and trying to follow Him completely, then we must be sharing our believe all of the time. That is why I believe that we are called not only to be completely a Christian by surrendering all of yourself to the will of God, but to be a Christian example all of the time. This living as an example of a Christian is not always easy, but it is something that we should all pray and strive for. So I challenge you to join with me this year to live completely for Christ all of the time!

God Bless!

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