Core of my Testimony

img_0496.jpgI know I’ve posted my testimony before, but this is shortened core version of it.  This past Sunday, on my birthday, I got baptized.  This is the testimony I shared for that.  Feel free to share as many times as you feel led and with whoever you think would benefit.   =)

I grew up in a Christian home and accepted Christ when I was little.  I first got baptized when I was 12, but in high school I completely walked away from Christ and told Him that I didn’t want anything to do with Him.  I did my best to do whatever I wanted and distance myself from God.  Pretty soon I had walked straight into the darkness of the devil and got involved with Wicca.  I thought this would bring me control, power, and direction I desperately wanted.  Instead it left me terrified to sleep at night and continually struggling with suicide.

God still kept perusing me though.  He used several different things and people to bring me back to Him.  I started wondering if God would want me back or still loved me.  The more God tugged on my heart the more intense the thoughts of suicide got.  It got to a point where I couldn’t take the voice continually running in my head saying “you’ll only be free if you kill yourself.”  I was ready to finally give in when God stepped in.  He reminded me of when Peter walked on the water and when he started to sink he cried out for Jesus and He helped Peter up.  It was then I heard the words in my head, “You took your eyes off me put your eyes back on me and I will help you.”  I cried out to Jesus that if He still loved me to please take me back.

That was the summer before my Senior year of high school and when I truly made my faith my own and made God Lord of my life.  Minutes after I cried out to Him I was filled with peace.  That peace has continued to grow, and I am filled with the love and hope that only comes from Christ.  I know where my purpose, direction, and joy comes from and that is in Jesus, my Savior!

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