Welcome to Your Quarter Life Crisis!

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You have arrived!  You are now officially an adult…a couple years out as a full-fledged college graduate adult!  And your life is nothing like you thought it would be.  Don’t get me wrong in most aspects your life is awesome.  You’ve got a great group of friends, a job(s), and a place to live.  Yet, if you are like me you may still feel clueless about what you’re doing and what this adult life should look like.  I still find myself asking what I want to be when I grow up.  If you are like me and several of my friends you also might be working a few different jobs to make it by.  Vacation time is like this incredible dream that a few of your friends toss around like it’s nothing as you sit there wishing you could grab it and treasure it like gold.  You continually go through the battle of dragging your not feeling so great body to work so you don’t lose money or deciding if you are really are sick enough to call in.

Let’s look at the plus side though.  You have room for promotions, growth, and the ability to change jobs if needed or wanted.  It’s not like you’ll have to make the tough call of giving up a great paying job with that glorious vacation time to go to another one that God may be calling you to.  For me I know the flexibility of working a few different jobs is beautiful for my creative, free-spirit personality.  Working the exact same job every day in the same office would squish my soul flat.  Is it harder this way?  Completely!  Is it chaotic and often stressful?  For sure!  But it is where God has put me, and He uses it to teach me to rely on Him every moment of every day.  He is always faithful!  He is teaching me that He truly guides my steps.  Every week it is adventure as to where He will have me and what my life will look like.

Take comfort knowing that you are not alone.  If you find yourself ebbing and flowing between feeling blissfully carefree and stressing the jelly beans out because you’re exhausted and wondering why your life turned out this way.  Remember: God’s got your back!  He loves you!  And there are a lot of us in the same plight.  It is going to be okay.  People have been here before and they have made it out okay. You will too!  We both will!

Welcome to your twenties and your Quarter Life Crisis!

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