A Simple Question

photo-1418854982207-12f710b74003finalI would never have imagined how a homeless man’s question would help me realize an exciting fact in my life that would ultimately help me deepen my faith in Christ.  It all started a couple weeks ago when God put a homeless man in my path to ask me a somewhat strange, but transforming question.  He asked me if I was “in love with anyone?”  It seemed strange that He would ask me that specially.  Not are you single, seeing anyone, and so on, but are you in love with anyone.  I laughed and my heart suddenly got excited and without pause responded with, “Yes, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!”  It was my honest heart felt answer.  I bought him a slice of pizza and gave him a gospel tract and was on my way, yet weeks later and the question was still with me.  That question God used to help drive home the exciting truth that I truly was in love with Jesus and that He loved me even more.

Several years ago I was at a conference and there was a young woman there who was a little older than I was at the time who I could tell was so in love with Christ.  She told how she would go on dates with Jesus.  She would get dressed up and when she got to the restaurant and was asked if someone was meeting her she would respond that He was already here.  At that time I thought that was cool, but also a little weird and something that I would never do.  God was real to her though.

Now that I’m in my mid-twenties and single I found myself begging to long to be in a relationship or just be married already.  Yet, God just kept pursuing my heart.  I remembered what that sister in Christ had said and decided I would start doing something similar.  What has started to happen is amazing!  That loneliness and longing for a boyfriend or someone to be there for me and to spend time with is being filled with the perfect love of Christ! As I’ve thought about that question the realness of God and His overwhelming love and peace floods over my heart.  My perspective and heart’s desire changed.  God has become even more real to me and our relationship has grown like crazy.  He is my provider, my peace, my comfort, my protector, and the one I can’t talk enough or spend enough time with!  I wake up excited to talk to Him and for Him to speak to me.  There are many nights I want to stay up talking to Him because there is so much on my heart, and there are nights it’s because there is so much He is speaking to me.  We go on adventures and try new restaurants (and get lost trying to find them).  Then sometimes it’s just sitting in silence content with just being in His presence and letting Him speak and love on me.  Plus, He will never leave me or find someone else He’d rather love more.  I can say with confidence that I have found where my hope and joy comes from!  If I never get married, I completely okay with that because I will never be a lone.  And if God has planned for me to get married someday then that husband will just be the icing on the cake since I’ve already found my first true love.  And to think it all started with a homeless man’s question,

“Are you in love with anyone?”

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