War Room:Just saw the movie and wow!

Just saw War Room movie! It was amazing!! I highly recommend it! Let me say one thing though. I think one thing that can be miss interpreted from this movie is that because we pray God will answer what exactly we pray for and it’s not. The point is surrendering control over to God through prayer and letting Him work it out. It is true though that God wants us to pray constantly, fervently, and with faith. He wants to be moved to prayer not just a prayers once and done deal, but to persistently keep pleading and wrestling with Him in prayer. Because it is through that persistence and passion that He grows us, strengthens us, and sets out hearts on fire for Him! I love how in the movie it says that we have to realize that we can’t find our joy…out happiness in a relationship or friends or even family. We find it only in Jesus! In my life at least I have come to realize this…and this realization grows the more I pray. The more time with God through prayer and His Word the more my heart hungers for more time with Him. I can get lost in prayer and not realize how much time I’ve spent with Him. At times my heart longs to spend deep time with Him it’s like missing a physical friend and you can’t wait to spend time with Him. My heart and my prayer dear brothers and sisters in Christ is that you all would experience this! That your hearts would be set a blaze for the one whose heart is already a blaze for you! That not one would be found room temperature, but that we all would have heart on fire for Christ. That we would be seen as people of love because we are in love with Christ and that we would have a heart and passion for every single person we come across. That our hearts would break for what breaks His. That every second of everyday would be with purpose–His purpose! And that we would learn to let God carry us! Speak for us! Love for us! Judge for us! And fight for us! 

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