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Hey y’all!  I wanted to take the time to post a quick blog explaining some things God has put on my heart.

First, I want to say that it is my goal to post more regularly even if sometimes it is more on the short side of a post.  I feel like there is a lot to say and a lot God is putting on my heart and most of it is better in small chunks than crazy long “sermons”.  That ties into my other thing.  God has been teaching me a lot and putting many things on my heart.  Most of these things I feel Him prompting me to share and I plan to do just that in posts to come.  With the things that have happened in the world and this country even recently I feel a tugging and an urgency to speak God’s truth to a lost and broken world.

Having said all this I could use some prayer.  Some of the things I feel God is putting on my heart to share…and has put on my heart for several years now, is a topic that is deeply personal to me and is not something that I believe the church takes seriously enough.  However, I am human and saying what God has put on my heart to share is nerve-racking, which is why I have put it off for several years now.  Never the less, God simply will not let it go.  Prayer for wisdom and God’s words with love and truth would be appreciated.

I am also at a time where I feel an urgency to do more for Christ, but I’m still trying to figure out what that is.  I feel like God has started to put some ideas in my head, and I’m now trying to put it together and understand what He is urging me to do.  Prayer for wisdom and discernment would be great as well.

Anyway, there’s the little update!  If any of you ever have questions and/or prayer requests, please feel free to comment.  Also, you can follow my updates, inspiring quotes, and Bible verses at my FaceBook Page

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