Monday Motivation

Hi Loves! 

I hope you are having a great Monday, but if you’re maybe having a rough time of it today…then join the club! I feel ya! Today is one of those days when lack of sleep and stress is causing an all out war that requires me to really dig into Christ and hold on for dear life to Him and His promises. To seek Him for joy and endurance because if I was with out Christ right now I’d honestly give up, leave everything behind, change my name, not tell a soul where I was going, and disappear from everything and everyone. Instead, I can rejoice because I have the King of the Universe as my dad and He holds all power, strength, and joy in knowing Him. 

If today is a struggle for you too, please lean into God. He loves you and wants for His children to lean on Him for help. If you don’t know Jesus as savior and have a personal relationship with God; then I earnestly ask you to seek Him today and give your life to Him. If you have questions on how to have that life altering relationship with God, please email me at

And here is what encouraged me today while digging into God!

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