Monday Motivation 

This past weekend was such a blessing to me! For those who know me, know that the winter is a struggle for me. I love snow…around Christmas…and maybe a little after, but past that I’m done. And just plain gloomy cold is even worse! This weekend it was unusually warm! It was such an encouragement to my heart, to see the sun shine and to be able to walk and talk with God without wearing a billion layers and still freezing. Lol

This verse and the sunset which I got to witness first hand spoke to me. I love the part that says, “he is just”.  This is something I struggle with. I still have a hard time trying to understand God’s justice with all the hurt and pain in the world, but I have hope in the knowledge that He will be faithful to bring justice when He returns. And I know that He does and will bring beauty out of whatever happens to us if we put our trust in Him and lean on Him. 

So even if we don’t see that justice right away, even if we don’t see it in our life time, we can cling to who God says He is! And we can trust that He will bring justice and make things right we He comes again! So praise Him for that! Let His love fill your broken heart with hope in this promise! 

Hope your Monday was good and that you have a great week loves! 

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