Monday Motivation- Late Night edition 

I’ve read this verse many times before, in many different translations, and it had never hit me like today. “Be devoted to one another in love…”  The word “devoted” is what got me more than anything. That is a powerful word. If you are devoted to something or someone that gives a sense of all-in-ness, commitment, and not something you are one foot in on.

This idea of devotion/commitment to our brothers and sisters in Christ is a newer idea that I am only recently beginning to really get just how important it is. God created us to need Him first and foremost, and to need people-especially our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Each of our hearts has been given the desire to belong, be loved, and to have fellowship. God created us that way. It is good and not weak. Yes, no person, church, or spouse is perfect or can completely “complete” you or fulfill you. Only God can do that, but God didn’t create us to be fulfilled by Him without fellowship either. The two go together. And we can’t really exsperience that love and fellowship until you step over the walls of fear and hurt you’ve put around your heart and make the decision to “Be devoted to one another in love….”  Then you can begin to let others love you where you are. The beauty in this that I am only beginning to fully experience is that there is healing and restoration in being committed to my brother and sisters. There is a growing heart for time with Christ fueled by those around me who I have close fellowship with. And there is hope and underlying joy like I’ve never experienced before.

So what is holding you back from taking the words of your Heavenly Father?


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