Woven Joy

Finding freedom in the letting go
Finding joy in the middle of the sorrow

Photo by Taylor Ann Wright on Unsplash

Finding hope in the dust of being rebuilt

Finding peace in the chaos of my past

Learning to trust when history says to hide
Learning to stop fighting, and just to believe
Learning to smile-and know that’s okay even on the darker days

Learning to let people close enough to love me

Growing in the confidence that nothing can separate me from God
Growing in understanding there will be ups and downs
Growing in knowing Christ

Growing in being part of the family of Christ

In all these things, I’m beginning to see the beauty in the process
The hope for something new
I find that when I let go and let God begin to heal,
I’m finding out who I really am!

And that, fills my heart with excitement
Seeing that even in the process with the dust and mess
God is still using me, shaping me
And that brings joy woven through it all!

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