Today, will you join me with drawing a red “X” on your hand as a way to show your stand against human trafficking and to start the conversation about slavery that still exists in the US as well as the world? Will you raise your voice for the silenced?


I believe it is our duty as Christians to not look the other way, but to face the ugliness head on-learn the facts, and the signs and what to do and how to react.

It happens in our neighborhoods, with children we see every day, they may even be children your children are friends with, classmates with, the student in your class, the child from the “good part of town” and the “good family, the child from the “rough part of town” and the “broken family”the child in your youth group, or Sunday school. Human trafficking doesn’t discriminate with who falls into their trap of false love, promises of money, fame, and sometimes just someone to finally listen.

Everyone can start right now with being someone who listens.  I honestly can stress this enough!  People, especially young people and children want to be heard, and want to know that if they are in a situation they will be heard and believed.  Unfortunately that is often not the case, and those in power in those situations know that and use that to keep


them quiet.  We need to not only be a voice in our communities and with law-makers, but we also need to be a listener.  Not just to what they are saying, but what they aren’t as well.

And for those who have found freedom from human trafficking, and are struggling with the weight of it all, or for those who have chosen to continue in a life similar to what they were forced into because they feel there is no other choice.  You do have a choice!  There is healing and freedom!  There is hope the is found in Christ!  He can take the most broken of us and redeem us for His glory!  When we come to Him with the weight of all our sins and the pain from all our hurts, and we give our hearts and lives to Him; He is faithful to forgive us and to mend our broken hearts.  He does not misuse, manipulate, or control us.  He takes the weight of our burdens and sins and sees us as pure and His children!  He no longer sees us as what we have done or what has been done to us, but He sees someone who He is willing to give up His life for.  He sees someone who is strong, someone who is whole, someone who is redeemed!  Hold tight to the truth

that if you have made that decision and have that personal relationship with Christ-No one and No thing can separate you from His love!  And nothing you do can make Him stop loving you!

I know that word love might seem broken to you.  And the idea of trusting God might seem broken as well.  That’s okay.  Just start with trusting Him with something small.  Give yourself grace or don’t be hard on yourself.  Talk to Him about your trust issues and the brokenness of the word love to you.  He is faithful to mend those things too.  It just might take time.

If you or someone you know is or you think might be a victim of human trafficking, please call the National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888.  For more information you can also check out: https://humantraffickinghotline.org as well as organizations such as The End It Movement, International Justice Mission, and locally if you are in the Indy area: Ascent 121 and Restored.

If you want more resources or info please feel free to contact me. #enditmovement #humantrafficking #redeemedjourney




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