Made New

I’ve been on the run so long

Thought I was way too gone

My heart was shattered

A million pieces on the ground

I was lost in the darkness of wrong turns and bad choices

But You crashed through

You came running arms wide open

You caught me in Your Grace-filled embrace

The pain cut deep time after time

The lies they screamed so loudly

Truth seemed to barely make a sound

They locked my heart away

I was a captive without hope-Without victory-without a reason to want to breathe

But You broke through

You took the blame

And unlocked my chains

In You I have hope

In You the darkness departs

In You the lies are silenced

In You my heart is healing

In You I now know Grace

I was drowning in the weight of all my mistakes

But Your love pursued

And now I’m made new

Your mercy moves me to my knees

I’m made new!

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