New poem: You are My Everything

  • You are My Everything
  • You are my hope

    You are the one who sustains me

    You are my peace

    And You are my future

    You rescued me when You willingly went to the cross

    Your love is the song in my heart

    Your grace is the breath in my soul

    I was lost and a run away

    Hopeless was all I saw

    But You saw value

    You saw worth before I even turned to you

    And you kept pursuing me the further I ran

    You spoke life into my weary bones

    You spoke redemption into my heart

    You called me out of darkness

    And into Your glorious light

    You gave me joy where I had sorrow

    Gave me hope where I had none

    Gave me peace where my anxious heart would pace

    You spoke worth

    Where others spoke worthless

    You spoke redemption

    When others had spoken too far gone

    I praise You for these things

    I will let my heart sing of Your grace and goodness!

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