Go Back in Time

Rewind the clock

Can we just set it back

TIme travel back

To when life seemed hard but now that I’m through

I know now it wasn’t hard like things are now

I feel like I’ve walked in a circle

But all the scenery is new

It’s hard to stand on this shaky ground

It’s hard to plant roots when all I want to do is run

I want to just pull back in retreat

I know I need to keep walking forward

And there is growth in the new and different seasons in life

But my human heart just wants the time to freeze

And so my heart grieves

Because I don’t know what else to do

And I cry in the arms of my Abba

And He says, “I know precious daughter, that it is hard, but I am with you.

I hold you up when the ground crumbles beneath you. And when the new get’s difficult.”

I sit in His presence and just be

Because all this change is exhausting

And trying to make sense of this world is overwhelming

And what I know is true,

Is that I only really feel at home in my Heavenly Abba’s arms

And that is truly where I fully belong

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