I finally realized that I can put more than one photo on a post.

Since I put the picture from

the Palin rally, I had to put some form the McCain rally since they came out so much better than
the Palin rally ones and the moment was still an awesome memory.
This isn’t the best photo ever, but I had to put on here because the memory of the event was so cool. This way back during the presidential election at the big Sara Palin
rally in Noblesville. It was so exciting to be there. My mom and I waited in line for hours before to get tickets…it was so worth it!

<—Don't try this at home! Yes I did take this photo while driving, and yes, I was the one driving! lol I was driving home and was so inspired that I just couldn't resist. It's not quite as cool as it was in real life, but it's still cool enough. =)

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