This is What I Mean When I Say, "Make Life an Adventure!"

Today was a very interesting day to say the least. I started off for Butler to find some inspiration for my poetry that I’ve been working on for my creative writing class. As I was heading there, my car tried to kill me! I was making a left turn and I was in the middle of the intersection when my power-steering went out. It took all my strength to make the turn and clear the intersection before impatient cars slammed into me. It was so scary because I couldn’t really stay in my lane because my car wouldn’t turn. I made to Butler, and as I went around the circle down by the gardens, my steering wheel completely locked up on me. My luck just had to be that my dad was at work and my brother drove my mom’s truck to his class. So I was stranded there for the whole afternoon. I first started writing. I wrote, wrote, and wrote some more until my hand was going to fall off. Then I sat and thought for while just watching the people. After awhile this got old, and my cell had a low battery that I was trying to conserve the power, so I couldn’t text my heart away. I decided to walk around. It was a really beautiful day with nice temperature. I enjoyed walking around. I walked and allowed myself to get lost in my thoughts. After quite some time of wondering around,(and most likely looking like some stalker or crazy person) my brother called to say that they were almost there to pick me up.

When they got there, we cleaned up my car some. Then I hopped in the passenger’s seat because my brother was going to drive my car up to Noblesville to be fixed. It was a long drive as we followed my mom to drop my baby off at the shop. We made it though.
The funny thing is that I love my car. Thought it does not seem to reciprocate that feeling to me. It seems that it has a death wish out for me. In the past it has locked me in the car, had the trunk come open randomly while switching lanes so that I could not see, the brakes have gone out, it wouldn’t let me turn it off and take the keys out of the ignition, and it has died or nearly died in the creepiest places when it was getting dark. Yet, it is still my baby and I love it! lol I hope she gets better soon!!

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