Whoo Hoo! I found some of my old poems!

Dance night and day
Dance when you’re happy
Dance when you’re sad
Let the music move you
Let your heart pour out in flowing motions
When words can’t descride what you feel inside
Dance until you can’t dance any more
Dancing is forever
And forever I will dance!
~RML~ 5-27-08

Okay so let me explain the next two poems. First, poetry is how I express my feelings, things that I can’t seem to put into words. Second, I am human! So yes, I am not all smiley and happy all the time. WOW I know right! lol I go through my ups and downs like everyone else. Okay, now that I’ve said that, the next two poems I wrote a long time ago, and they are on the kind of on the depressing side. I like them though because they are honest and I do my best to have some sort of positive tone sprinkled through out. You may not like them, and that’s okay. You don’t have to. =) SO here they are:

Take My Hand 1-22-09 R.M.L.

I need You, Jesus!
Take my hand
Show me the way
Back to the day
When You where my life’s breath

I’m holding on to You
Be my everything
Hold me in your arms
Show me that everything will be alright
Don’t ever let me go!

Remind me again
Of Your unfailing love and mercy
Take me back to how it all began

When we would walk hand in hand
Like a young child learning to walk
You held my hand and helped me learn
How to walk on this narrow road
Filled with trials and storms

I’m holding on to You, Jesus
Don’t ever let me go!
I need you to be my strength, my shelter, my firm foundation

I need You, Jesus
Hold my hand
And help me learn to walk this road again

Pieces All Around 1-25-09 R.M.L.

I’m coming apart

Slowly sinking

My life is shattered

Pieces all around

My heart is breaking

Silently I’m crying

I’m sitting here

Getting so tired of trying

I’m falling apart

I’m coming undone

The silence it is defining

It’s swallowing me whole

I’m surely falling

But I’m still breathing

Holding on to Words that I know are true

I’m reaching for You

I’m coming apart

Slowly sinking

My life is shattered

Pieces all around

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