I’m back!


I know it’s been a long while…and you all probably thought I had done one of my famous forgot the password and just decided for the site to go dormant moments.  And you would be half right. Lol  I did forget the password, but I recovered it now and I’m back to posting!! =)

God has put a lot on my heart lately and He continues to add more almost every day.  Because of this I felt the urging to start this blog thing back up.  So that’s what I’m going to do my best to do. 

I am excited to see how God is working in my life and the lives of my brothers and sisters lives.  It’s hard to explain, but I have a sense of urgency to speak the truth of Jesus and His life giving sacrifice to everyone possible.  There is this sense in me that seems to be saying, “it’s now or never!”  Yet, I also have an excitement unlike anything I have ever experienced or can begin to explain.  The only way I can come to explaining it is as an anticipation that God is going to do something big!!  I’m trusting and praying for this as well.  I feel like more than ever God is calling His church to wake-up and be courageous!  It isn’t the time to spend our lives trying to be comfortable, being selfish, or seeing how closely we can walk with the world without going to far.  This is why I wrote my last poem type thing.  That by the way, is one of many more to come.  I just see so many of young adults who claim to be a Christian, yet want to live exactly like the world except they may go to church sometimes.  That is NOT what being a follower of Christ is about!!

This what many of my coming posts will be about.  A call to my brothers and sisters in Christ to wake-up, be courageous, and be warriors for the Lord.  Some of what I post will be what God is convicting me or I feel He has put on my heart to do.  This may not be the same for you.  Some of what God has called me to do or how I feel He has asked me to live may only apply to myself, but I ask that in everything I write you take the time to think it through and pray about it.  i can guarantee you that if I have posted it, it is because God has ut it on my heart to write which means that somewhere someone will benefit from it. =)

I will be in prayer for you all as we go forward with living our lives fighting for the lost everyday!

Your Sister in Christ,


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