Wake Warriors!



Warriors of the Lord arm yourselves with the knowledge of God’s word.

Discipline yourself and prepare for battle!


Jesus, let Your truth and love be heard by all.

Let Your passion for the lost be our obsession.

Break our hearts for those Your heart breaks for!

Help us love like You love.

Purify us with fire so that we can shine like gold!


Give us courage and strength in the days ahead.

Brothers and sisters, this fight does not stop until the day we meet our Savior face to face

This is a constant battle—for our enemy is unseen and does not sleep

We must live with this in mind!

We must be on guard and not let the enemy get a foothold in our lives!

Warriors, we must be in constant communication with our leader, Christ.

We must talk to Him, pray, and listen, read His Word.

Take your place in God’s army!

Time is drawing close…

We must fight for those who do not know the love of Christ!

This is NOT the time to chill…it is the time to pick up our cross and live with this battle against things unseen on our minds constantly!

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