Post between the post

Okay, so the current post I’m working on has proven to be a bit of a challenge. I think it’s mainly because it’s a little more in-depth then some of my others. Then there is the whole thing that my life is cray cray and my family and I have been going through some pretty strong storms. I didn’t want to remain silent though and God has definitely put things on my heart, so I’m posting this quick post.

One of the things that I’ll be expanding on soon is how we need to press on in running to God during struggles of life. A key to that I’ve discovered recently is discipline. What I mean by that is when life is super awesome and chill, take advantage of that and dive into God’s word, pray, and reach the lost for Christ like crazy! Because if you do this, when things get busy or life keeps trying to blow you over with 75 mile and hour winds of trials you will already have the discipline (habit) of reading God’s Word, praying, and reaching the lost. Once those trials hit it’s so much harder to do these things, but if you have been doing them in abundance when the skies where clear, then when they’re stormy even if those habits decrease from what you have been doing, they won’t be inexistent. What I’m also realizing is everything that I had absorbed and learned is what is sustaining me currently.

No matter if you’re skies are sunny or you don’t know when the sun will break through the storm. Run to God! Keep pressing forward! If you are in good times go nuts with following Christ, growing in Him, and strengthening your personal relationship with God, so that when the trials hit you can withstand.

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