Living my Life Clinging to Christ

I’m not sure how this post will turn out.  Life has gotten crazy…this is definitely a time of trials and trusting God.  It is a time of personal change and completely relying on God to get me through every moment of every day.  I am learning a lot through all of this though.  I feel like God is teaching me so much that my mind is hanging on for dear life to just process it all.  Although, it’s been even more of struggle the past few weeks.

One thing I know for sure is that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.  Even though people in this world may break your heart or decide to just walk out to full-fill their own interests, it is my love for Jesus and His love for me that ultimately matters.  I am beginning to understand the term that Jesus sustains me.  There have been quiet a few nights(more like every night the past three weeks) that I have not gotten much sleep because I am up late praying only to wake up early to read His Word.  Some mornings I crave and need to spend time with Him so much that I completely forget to eat breakfast.  Then throughout the day I am constantly talking to Him in prayer and reading verses because it is the only source of strength and joy.  Plus it’s from God that true joy comes from anyway so why not get it at the source. lol

All this to say, I am understanding that it is important to choose to run to Jesus more than anything when life brings you trials of any kind. We are given a choice. To run away from God, become angry at Him, and do what we think is going to heal our hurt or run to the arms of the One who loves us so much that He willing died for you. I’ve chosen to run away from Him before and I was a miserable mess! This time I’m choosing to run to His loving arms and loose who I am and my plans in His amazing power, love, and plan for me. I rather live day by day asking the Creator of the Universe, “what do you want me to do today? How can I serve You? What do You want me to learn about You today?” Than getting up and having my plans and doing what I want for myself and what I think is important today. There is something to be said with having trials that come and cause you to live day by day and every moment in Christ and clinging to Him! It’s a wonderful and beautiful journey that I’m going on, and so far it’s definitely a journey. It’s worth it though!

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