Monday Motivation:4th of July edition!

Happy 4th of July! I hope you have or are having a great day celebrating our country and the freedom that we have!  I’ve been focusing on not only the freedom we have in this country, but the freedom we have in Christ as well. 

Jesus came to set us free from sin and eternal separation from Him. He also gives us the freedom to choose to believe in Him or not. He could have just decided that we would all just follow and worship Him, but instead He gives us the freedom to choose to spend eternity With Him or not. And once we believe in Christ, He still gives us freedom to choose daily to walk in His truth and loving boundaries He puts in our lives, and to glorify Him! He is not a dictator God who makes His people honor Him. 

It’s a wonderful thing to find freedom in a relationship with Christ!

Happy safe and relaxing day celebrating freedom! 

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