Monday Motivation!

We can go through times where we feel our lives are going well, we have things together, and life (at least for the moment)is figured out.  During those times it’s easy to loose our need for God and develope a mindset of pride or confidence in ourselves. 

Then we hit a trial in our lives, and because we haven’t been continuing to let God carry us we find outselves feeling like we are walking through the sand. Have you ever tried to walk through sand? Obviously it is possible, but it isn’t easy! Every step feels like it takes ten times more strength then if you were walking on solid ground. How much easier would it be if you had someone to carry you through the sand or to even make a solid ground path through the sand? When we remain humble and rely on God, it’s like we are being carried or walking on the solid ground path through the sand. 

When the sand of life comes into your path are you going to be stuck straining your way through or are you going to allow yourself to be guided onto the solid path? 

Hope the rest of your Monday goes well loves! 🙂

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