Monday Motivation

Happy Monday loves! I don’t know about you but I love this verse. For one thing it shows that no matter our past we can turn to God and be saved. Also notice it doesn’t say Rehab the “former prositute” or make any illusion to her “cleaning up her act” days or weeks before. No God met her there. Her life was changed in that meeting with God…that moment she demonstrated her faith. It’s a reminder I know I need for myself that God doesn’t expect us to clean our lives up and then come to Him. If we did that we’d never come because we can’t change with out Him. And further more, we need Him to continually turn to for hope, peace, and strength  to get back up when we fall and to resist temptation. 

I also love that Rehab, despite her past, is included in the liniage of Jesus! Think about that. Let that sink in for a moment. Despite how she was known and her past God redeemed her and transformed her into a woman of honor that would be in the liniage of the Son of God Himself!

I dont know about you, but this brings my heart much joy knowing that no matter your past and no matter what people know you as, God can renew you into His family. He can change you into a new person who is known not by her past, but by her identity in Him! 

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