A few words about the outcome of the election

Like many Americans I’m really only excited that this election is over!  But other than that, there is no sense of excitement. 

No matter who won, for me, there is not a sense of relief or excitement. I know people on both sides would disagree, but this post is being written having woken up to the news that Trump has won. So this is to my dear friends who didn’t vote for him whether it was for Hillary or Gary, or for my dear friends who voted for him with sick stomachs and a torn conscience. I get this election took everything I loved about politics and killed it for me. But we have to pick our selves up and go on with our lives!  

To my friends who are in shock and heartbreak over the results, I’m truly sorry! I know most of you were hurt, offended, and felt personally attacked my things Trump has said, and I am so truly sorry! I feel your pain. The comments he has said have hurt me personally and hurt me for those I know he hurt. I know it’s hard to forgive, to lay those emotions aside, and pick yourself up realizing that our leader will be a reminder of that pain. 

But this is to encourage you today! If you know Jesus and your home is ultimately in eternity with Him some day; then we are not to be a people of fear. Let us take this verse to heart! Let it be our strength, hope, and motto for our lives. Let us continue in prayer knowing that ultimately God is working everything out for good and is continually with us. Let us continue to stand strong on our convictions, voice our opinions, and speak the truth in love to those around us. 

Lastly, to those who are truly concerned about the policies and plans he has said he wants to put in place, take heart that we do still have checks and balances to hopefully block those that were extreme and would cause chaos and hurt. And we have prayer! Prayer for him and his advisors and prayer for God to step in guide him. 

My loves, take courage in the hope we have in Christ! 

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