Monday Motivation

God’s Never-ending Grace

God’s grace has been something that I’ve struggled with since really coming to Christ. It’s a concept I know in my head, but when it came to really taking hold of it in my heart and living my life in that grace, there was a disconnect.

I was stuck on the things I’d done in my past, and the things I still messed up on or wrestled with. In human standards the conclusion I came to was that God had to be tired of my, “I’m sorry, I messed up again doing ____.” Only to do ____ again. From what my experience has taught me anyone would have thrown up their hands and said “enough”!

That’s not grace! And that’s not unconditional love! It hit me recently. If there is nothing we can do to get God’s grace-meaning we can’t be good enough to earn His grace; then there is also nothing we can do that would be too bad and loose God’s grace. We belong to Him, we are covered in His grace!

We can live in the truth and hope of that. We can live knowing that no matter what the enemy tries shout in our heads, that we have the confidence to pick ourselves up and allow Christ to grow us and help of overcome our struggles.

Have a blessed rest or your week and a great Monday loves!

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