Monday Motivation: Scriptural Boost!

monday motivation july 24 2017

It’s a new week and yet another Monday Motivation.  This one comes as I was pondering over the teaching at church yesterday.  We had a missionary our church supports come and speak.  He spoke on the great commission and how we are called to reach the nations.  We are called to share the truth of God’s love and salvation to everyone.

My heart is to go on a short term missions trip at least at some point, but at this time I’m here, in Indy, right in the middle of the U.S.  But that doesn’t mean I can check out and live the easy life.  It doesn’t mean I can coast through the weeks with no thought of the lost or the opportunities God has for me to share His truth.  We are called to share with everyone!

He said something else that struck me.  He encouraged us to share our stories with people, and that God can use us no matter where we are.  He went on to explain that often we keep quiet and don’t share because we feel inadequate.  We feel like we have too much of a past or still too many things to fix in our lives.  He explained that wasn’t the case.  God wants us to share our stories and we can continue to do that as we grow.

That hit home for me.  I often struggle with feeling inadequate to share God’s truth and my story with people because I feel I’m not ready yet.  I can too easily use the excuse of “but I have no room to say anything because I used to do that or I’m not perfect in that area,” as a reason to not speak up.  Then there have been times I have felt like I have to deal with this issue or that, let God heal all these areas, and find the answers to all these questions before I can ever “really” be effective for His Kingdom.  That’s not true though!  He never said, become a Christian, take time figuring everything out–working through questions, healing, issues, and so on, then go and make disciples.  Nope, it was a pretty instantaneous thing.

As you go about your week and the ones to come, keep this in mind.  We are called to reach people everywhere.  If that’s in the tiniest town, or the biggest city, in another country, or wherever God has you in this moment, we are the “workers in the field”.

Blessings and Happy Monday!


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