Monday Motivation

Welcome to a new year and new Monday Motivations! I’m not sure how regularly I’ll get to posting these, but I’ll do my best to post them at least a couple time a month. 🙂

This verse I read today really hit me with things that God has been teaching me.

The more we dig into God and spend time in His word seeking His wisdom and knowledge, the more joy from Him will fill our hearts. Why? Because reading God’s word and spending time in prayer is how we grow and strengthen our relationship with Him. When we do that not only do we get the joy of growing in knowing God deeper, but we also find that lies that are meant to rob us of our joy are proven to be just what they are, lies! And when we see the lies for what they are by them being exposed to the truth, we can then grow in wisdom by taking to heart and replacing Truth where the lies once were.

No matter where you are with your Bible reading goals for this year. Don’t grow discouraged or take for granted what you are reading. Take the time to really be present during your reading and let God’s wisdom fill your heart with JoY! 🙂

Stay warm on this snowy day loves!

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