Still to Say

I once, for awhile, believed I had nothing left to say

I thought all there was for me to say was said

And that my words were dead and turned to dust

Just like my faith and hope that disappeared into the darkness of the night


I lost who I was

I lost part of who God created me to be


And then the light

The light it started to find its way back

It found the tiniest of cracks

And I started to get glimpses of dust particles that contained ideas of the words I had left to say


And every time I dared to look closer the more the light would illuminate

And the more the light would illuminate, the more the dust would form together

Slowly, the dust would continue to settle

And clearer the words would be


But then a wind would blow through, and the particles would swirl into a mess of confusion once again


But the light kept pushing it’s way through


It pushed it’s way through

Never giving up


Determined to extinguish the darkness, and bring to the light what was in the dark


Then it happened!

It finally happened

The light won

And it filled the room!


And the picture became clearer

And the particles that held the fractured words, fell into place clearly seen in the light


And I realized

I realized that I still had things to say

I realized that God still has things for me to speak!


That He is breathing new life into me

He is teaching me who He created me to be!


I have more things to say

I have a stirring of words, thoughts, emotions, and deeper understandings, that are rising up

They are needing to be said


Crafted and being set in order, standing in the wait


Ready for the moment God says



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