Learning the Art of Dreaming: Let the Adventure Begin

I made it!  As you might have seen in previous posts and my last video, I have been learning to dream and enjoy life. I think for so long I’ve been in survival mode.  Like I’ve been either constantly moving, or changing jobs, or a number of other things.  I’ve also realized lately that if you are in a place where you haven’t healed from things especially if time continues to pour hurts on top of hurts-you tend to live in a mental state of survival.  What’s amazing is that after God does His healing, you can now live in a place of enjoying life.  That is why is it so much better to go through the hard things of healing.



That’s where I am. I am finally in a place where I feel like I can breathe.  I am able to enjoy life and learn to dream.  This first step in enjoying life and dreaming, for me, meant going on my first solo trip!  I have been wanting to go to Nashville, TN for a few years now, and my brother has lived there for almost two years now.  So I thought that This would be a good time to go.

I have completed the traveling to the destination part.  And if the rest of the trip was like the drive down here, I think I am really going to like this solo traveling thing!  I had really good conversations with God, and an amazing worship time on the drive down.  It’s crazy to think that even a year ago I never would have even thought about traveling by myself.  Now, here I am doing just that.  This year has been about going on adventures with God, learning to dream, and learning to not miss the moments in front of me.  It has also been about stepping out in faith and not being bound by fear, but trusting God’s leading in my life.

Shortly I will drive into the city and do some exploring.  I’m going to get to spend some time with my brother, and
hopefully get some photos for the blog.  If you aren’t following my Instagram and Twitter, you should!  That way you can stay in the loop.  There will definitely me that I will post from this trip.  Stayed tuned!

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