The Art of Learning to Dream: Day One of Solo Travel

Day one is down! And whew, I got back to my hotel room and fell asleep pretty quickly to HGTV. Side note, I don’t have cable so I don’t normally get to watch HGTV, but when I do I love it. However, last night I discovered I dream weird dreams about flipping houses if I do. Lol

Okay, so on to how day one went. Nashville is amazing so far. The skyline is gorgeous. I first drove around for a little while because, I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous to actually park and do this solo exploring thing. But I finally decide to go to a location I’ve heard a lot about, Biscuit Love. I found parking, put on my rain jacket, because of course it was pouring, and headed in. The vibes in this place were amazing. I ordered a french toast made out of biscuits. Sweet mercy! It was delicious. What set my heart even more on ease was that fact that I realized I wasn’t the only solo female traveler here.

After that, I met up with my brother who lives in Nashville. He showed me one of his fave places in Nashville. Opryland Resort and Convention Center. It is like a tropical rain forest when you walk in. There was even a river where you can take a boat ride on. There were actually three sections to this place. All of them just like that, waterfalls, rives, fountains, and even shops and restaurants, it was amazing!

We had a great time walking around and catching up. We ended with dinner at Pinewood social. I had an amazing fish sandwich that definitely filled me up. The feel here was a mix of more upscale restaurant mixed with a casual rustic vibe. For my Indy peeps, it was extremely similar to Punch Bowl Social. They even had a bowling alley.

By the time I got back, I passed out editing photos (with HGTV on like I stated). Right now I’m writing this in an adorable coffee shop called The Frothy Monkey. If you’re ever visiting Nashville and are GF, you should try this place. They even had some GF muffins. I’m currently devouring a Peach Pecan one.

I’m going to finish this muffin, and then do some more exploring. Stay tuned to the socials for more updates! And I’ll be writing more about what all this is teaching me about my relationship with Christ. Because it is teaching me things. And God is speaking to my heart. Stay tuned!

Me at the Opryland Resort


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