Wisdom Wednesday

How do you respond when your plans get changed? Does it throw you or are you able to take a breathe, trust it to God, and go with it? Maybe you’re somewhere in the middle. Trusting God to direct our paths is difficult. I love when I read this chapter in Proverbs and I can easily jump to verse 3, “Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.” (Proverbs 16:3 NLT) And we go “Yes!” but we have to keep in mind that there is a whole lot more in this chapter than just that.

Something God has been teaching me a lot about is that His heart is to have our “plans succeed” but we first have to surrender. And more than He wants us to have all our hopes and dreams come true, He wants our hearts. He wants us to draw to Him because sometimes what we think is the best for us or a great plan for our lives, He sees something better. So in surrendering what we think to Him, we might ended up with that plan or dream or maybe it’s something more amazing than we ever could have thought.

These words are things I’m speaking to myself currently too. They are promises and truths I’m reminding myself to hold on to. My heart aches with dreams I thought would have happened by now. There’s a brokenness before the Lord as I find myself struggling to remember that He directs our paths and does truly want the best for me. But ultimately, I’m reminded that even more fulfilling than some of those dreams would be, growing deeper and closer in my relationship with Jesus is far more fulfilling and sustaining than anything else could be.

And that is what I have to remember. That my loving Heavenly Father directs my path. He’s got my current life and my future.

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