Mirror shattered

Broken pieces all around

Tears wind down her face

She stares at her reflection

Jagged shards of herself she sees

Her once smooth beautiful reflection-gone

She tries to fit the pieces together

They just don’t fit like they used to

Pieces held by glue give her a little better view

Her reflection still scarred

Damaged picture of herself

But to her its just the same

The pieces together

A cohesive reflection-as good as it will get

She doesn’t see a way those lines will ever not be

Then she finds the one who creates glass and mirrors

He says He can smooth out the lines and make the mirror new

Skeptical, she reluctantly lets him work

He delicately works and slowly the lines begin fade away

When he completes his work

She stares in disbelief

Tears well up in her eyes

For the faint breaks that remain have been delicately detailed to create

A more beautiful image of who she is then she could have imagined

For each line of a broken piece

Spoke truth of who she once was and who she is

Where the break once spoke of pain so deep she would cut just to breathe

It now spoke of the empathetic heart who cared about others pain

Where the breaks once showed a heart so tattered and broken

It now showed the strength she had to choose to keep on living

Where the breaks once spoke of addiction and hopelessness

It now spoke of freedom and redemption

All together,

Her reflection now showed the beauty of all she had been through

And all the ways she has now been made new!

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