Life Be Crazy

Seasons of transitions or change are weird. Like seriously! I’m currently in one. It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. I’m one who loves adventure and yet is completely content sitting on my couch watching a TV show I’ve seen a million times just because it’s familiar.

In this season of change there are moments when I feel I’m rocking this transition and life. Then there are moments I realize I double booked myself, missed and opportunity to catch up with a dear friend from college, and left no time to work on my next blog post.

But what adds to the chaos is that in this season of change, there isn’t a ton of mental stability. Instead there’s a lot more doubts and questions running through my mind, and that is the struggle. I keep freaking out wondering what will happen when I finally jump into the next chapter and it doesn’t go well? What if everything I feel God is leading me too and put on my heart blows up in my face?

I feel like it’s much like when I’ve contemplated skydiving. I imagine myself in the plane getting ready to jump. The adrenaline and excitement is there. I’ve paid a lot of money for this. Then it’s time to jump. I freeze suddenly scared to death that my shoot won’t open, and I’ll be sent free falling through the sky to my death. Yes, I’ll get to see Jesus and go to heaven real fast, but I don’t really want to go that way. lol

It’s the same with this. There’s security on the ground. The ground in known. The para-shoot is not. And that is what makes seasons of change even more difficult. But eventually you just have to jump and trust that God has you.

One sure thing is that God is with me. He promises not to leave. He goes before and has my best at heart. I can take comfort in that. And He will sustain me when I’m exhausted and stressed out with everything life is throwing my way.

Lastly, when life gets busy and overwhelming it’s easy to forget to seek God and spend time in His word. But in those times, it is even more important to not neglect this. It is imperative that I even say “no” to things that I may really want to do or even ministry related things to spend time with God. I have to remind myself this because it is easy for me to equate fellowship with other believers or ministry related activities as the same as spending time in God’s Word with Him. It’s not the same. Both are important and both are necessary. Again, you need balance.

In conclusion, if you find yourself in a season a change or feel like this are crazy and a lot of unknown, hang in there. Cling to God and His Word. Don’t be afraid to take time to just rest in Him and be still in His presence. And eventually, trust Him and jump. Jump into whatever He has for you, knowing it will be for your good, and that He is with you.

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