Monday Motivation-Trust Falls

Morning coffee ☕️ on this cold beautiful snowy morning. I love this mug. I love the reminder on it. I got it a couple of years ago when I was just beginning the freedom in God’s grace and finally breaking free from the cycle of struggling with porn. God had done spiritual surgery and the constant fighting temptation and cycle of resisting and then messing up was no more. But through that process this phrase had become sort of a theme for me. My mentor would often remind me of it too.

But this morning it was a reminder of something else. I got this on my first solo trip to Nashville, TN. I had come out of that season of healing and breaking free and God was ushering me into a new season of trusting Him. Stepping out into new things. And learning to not let fear control me. Going on a trip by myself was a big deal for me. But it was amazing! I stepped out in faith and spent time with God. I sought Him for direction and wisdom with the women’s ministry I felt Him leading me to start, I spent hours in local coffee shops pondering doctrine and the Bible questions that swirl in my mind. It was one of the few times I felt like I was doing a trust fall into God’s arms.

Then this fall when I finally started my first group for women who struggle with porn or other relationship related patterns of sin, I did another trust fall into His arms. And both times He was faithful to catch me.

So now God is asking me to once again step out in faith and trust fall into His arms once again. So I am. And though my human nerves keep getting the best of me, I know He will catch me once again. Because that is who He is! So here I am stepping out, taking one step at a time trusting that if it’s His will He will open the doors and provide and if it’s not then He will still catch me and just has something else planned. I’m starting the first step in my trust fall of moving back to the downtown Indy area to an area that God has had on my heart for about 10 years now. My heart and prayer is to be a light to this area and be available to what He might do through me. My blog related things may be a little more sporadic right now and it’s part of the reason I didn’t get my podcast up this weekend. But it’s coming! And once the dust settles (as long as God keeps opening the doors for this to actually work) I’ll definitely be back to a more regular schedule. 😊

What is God calling you to do a trust fall into His arms about in your life?

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