Heartbeat stills

Tears creep in my eyes

So much loss

So much destruction

You are a city near my heart

A city where I learned to be brave

Where I began this chapter of my life in a week trip

To see places I went

Places I sat

Places where people I know poured their heart and soul into


It breaks my heart

You are the city where I went to even though only for short bits of time

You have such a precious place in my heart always

You were where I learned that its okay to be on my own

To walk hand in hand with God alone

Where I learned to let go of all I thought had to define me

And find who God designed me to be

You were where I reconnected with my live spontaneous with God

And relearned what it meant to be still

To rest

To be independent again

To breathe

To be

You were a welcome smile

A sweet refreshing taste of what ice tea should be

A comforting embrace of inevitable BBQ on my face

A country song to kick up my spirits

You were everything my weary heart needed

I sat in coffee shops there and stepped into realizing I was meant to write

I learned to meet new people, to network, and to ask God for the first time,

“What if He was to move me here? What if where I’ve always been isn’t where I’ll always be?”

And though the answer was not at this time

I was brave enough to ask, there

You were where I learned to live my life

And to realize I hadn’t sealed some doomed fate

But was just finding my wings fly

Not waiting for someday

And maybe

And when(if) I’m married

I learned it’s okay to live now, there

I connected more with my brother there

He showed me your beautiful skyline

The BBQ places and music spots

The gardens and river tucked “Opry” inside

And all the reasons he loves you

And I concluded I did too

I have connected to friends and dear women in ministry there

Women who have supported me

Cheered for me

And I them

Who’s lives are intact but business gone

Strong women who I am praying for

Who have prayed for me

My heart breaks for them

Breaks for the loss of life

Breaks for you dear city

My heart breaks because my heart will always beat with the rhythm of


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