In Your Shadow (Poem)

I’m walking in the shadow of your presence
It’s there I find faith over fear
It’s there I find hope and promise that You are always there

From the beginning You knew me
Formed me when I was still in my mothers womb
From the beginning You knew the plans of my life

And even when heartbreak and trauma hit
You were there
And when my mind can’t seem to understand why-
Why You let this happen and my world to be broken
I know that you were there
Your heart broke when mine did

And when my heart wants to tell my head not to trust You
I remind myself of all the ways You guide my life
For walking through tragedy with You is still better than worldly joys without You

For You are gentle
And You are kind
Full of so much love
And grace I’ll never fully understand

And You tell me who I am
That I am Your child
That I am strong in You
That I have confidence in You and what You have called me to do

You lavish Your love upon me
Even while I fight to follow You
Your forgiveness and grace never runs out
And I find my heart broken by Your goodness to me

I’m learning to walk in Your ways
To follow what Your path
Walking daily hand in hand
Walking with my Heavenly Dad

For You don’t give up on me
You keep pursuing
Even if I run to the ends of the earth
You are there
Even if I let fear overcome me, close my heart down, and put a mask over my emotions
Even then You will breakthrough the fear and walls around my heart

There is nothing in heaven or on earth that is too powerful for You
Nothing that will stop You from getting to Your child
No lie too powerful
No sin too dark
For Your grace to break through

I’m walking in the shadow of Your presence
I can learn to breathe again
My broken heart is growing to beat in rhythm with Yours
And my life has started a new.

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