Flights That Lie

Decided to shift a little. Been processing through a lot. Some of these poems are my stories. Some are stories of others who have given them to me to share.

From brokenness you ran

Into brokenness you ran

A path for destruction

They said we had no hope of redemption

You chased what momentarily made your mind fly

And your brokenness disappear

The thrill of the high

The adrenaline of walking the edge without fear

Some times people get broken to a point

When living or dying seems to be a coin toss

And that is where you lived

Craving the rush to keep you from the crash

We would laugh till we cried

And spend hours talking about guys

Boy crazy some called us

And the shoes fit so we wore them

We’d dream about New York

And fashion

And penthouse suits

With views and the parties we’d throw

We’d dream about the strong successful independent lives we’d have

And how with those things we seemed to think would heal the pain

About world travels

Designer clothes and fancy cars

And we’d keep reaching high

Keep pushing how much we could handle before our bodies would break

Until one day your’s got more than it could take

A permanent mistake

I did even know what had happened to you

Until two days later I heard the news

I had left early that night

I wasn’t feeling like chasing that flight

But you swore you were fine

It was just something we’d done a million times

But all it takes is one moment

One push too far- And now I was left to lament

But a wake up call to me

Cold water on my face

I realized what I had been too blind to see

The life I was living-pain trying to erase

Could possibly leave a permanent space

For those left to embrace

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