Rootless (Poem collection)

Thought I wanted roots

But now I want to run

Pack everything up and leave what doesn’t fit behind

I leave secrets behind

Hidden in the walls

Memories to difficult to remember

Leave it all behind

Want to keep it from my mind

Always on the run

I’m a tumbleweed

Don’t try to plant me

Don’t try to tie me down

I’m a puzzle with mix matched pieces

I don’t make sense

My life does fit together

I have stories covered with smiles

Nights of tragedies

Masked by laughter

I’m always driving

Can’t stand still

I’ll drive for hours nowhere

And just when things feel settled

I’ll pack it all up

And on the run I go

I stand only to plot my next escape

Safety isn’t known to me

Never known standing still

A wild heart

Don’t try to domesticate me

I was made to roam

I’ve learned that roots mean heartbreak

That roots mean the past can snatch you

That roots will slowly kill you where you sit growing fat and old

I’ve got to go

Got to get out and on to what’s next

Don’t try to box me in

I’ll just find my way out

Don’t try to hold me down

You just might end up buried too

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