Inside look at a fresh breakthrough.

Y’all are getting a raw unedited look at me having a breakthrough and how I journal that out. I process things by writing it down sometimes and that way I can encourage others and reminder myself later on. So you’re welcome. 💁🏽‍♀️😂

Ps. I’m so excited about this breakthrough I could run around shouting it from the mountain tops. Lol 😂

I’ve come to the realization that being confident comes from understanding my identity. Who am I and where does my value and worth come from? And that confidence comes from understanding my identity is in Christ and comes from who He says I am. And I have confidence in know that I am His daughter and strong because I am His. And having this confidence I’ve realized that my worth doesn’t come from who and how many guys I date. My confidence isn’t found in playing dating game and getting a guys attention however to feel whole. I’m already whole because it’s God who makes me whole. My dating life or lack of isn’t who I am. Which means if I like someone and he chooses someone else I used to say, “it’s never me and never will be.” But that’s so wrong. It’s they weren’t right and that’s okay. I have love lavished on me by my Heavenly Dad and someone not choosing me doesn’t change that. And it means that I know He has the best for me. And while marriage isn’t promised and isn’t the goal in the Christian life, if that is His plan then He’s going before me and will work all that out. And if I am to not get married then it’s not because I’m damaged. It’s not because I’m being punished or no value. I have all the value! I am worthy of love and marriage and being a mom! Because I have learned to keep healing. Because I’ve learned to let my foundation of who I am be in God and not having a boyfriend or not. And that gives me the freedom to surrender my future to God. It gives me the freedom to learn to not over think things and be myself instead of constantly trying to please people whether it’s romantic or not. I have the freedom to change and discover who God created me to be and who I am as I heal. And it’s a beautiful, fun, and so less stressful this way.

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