Always Choose Love

I’ve wrestled with what or if I should post anything, and have spent time today wrestling through it with Jesus and my own thoughts and felt lead to post this.

First, to my pro-life brothers and sisters in Christ. Unless you’re like me and happily for your own sanity stay as far away of the trending news of the day you have probably heard about the decision made in the US today. While this doesn’t stop abortion it does send it to the states to decide. And while yes, that is a good thing and something I honestly didn’t think would happen please keep some things in mind especially on social media. First, please understand that there are those of us like myself that have absolutely no confidence in our government or political systems for this to actually make change that will last in the way so many are saying it will. (I’m just being honest. I’ve seen too much of the underworld in politics to think much of any of this and I’m not here for a debate is complicated and complex for me and it’s where I sit for now.) Second, please see others as Jesus would. Keep the love of Christ first and remember that not everyone is happy about this. I honestly spent time in prayer about what to say because I don’t want to hastily post anything that later I may regret because it put up a wall between me and building a bridge strong enough to withstand the weight of the gospel to those in my life. Not everything you believe, have opinions about, or want to talk about is for social media. (I’m still growing in this so I’m not saying I’m perfect. 🙃)

I was intentional about say pro-life brothers and sister in Christ. Brace yourself ima about to ruffle feathers. We cannot assume that everyone in God’s family is happy about this either. While yes, I firmly believe God is clear that life is precious and should be fought for and protect even in the womb, I get that not everyone instantly sees things that way the minute they start following Jesus. Some may, but not everyone. So to those who are happy and want to shout it from the roof tops(I get it) please be mindful of this. To those wrestling with this or maybe are straight up not happy. Know I’m here. Where we stand doesn’t change. The value of you as a person created in the image of God giving you incredible value doesn’t change. And to be honest, I’ve wrestled too. Especially in high school. I’d always say personally I was prolife but I saw several friends walk through incredibly difficult situations surrounding pregnancy and possible pregnancies all having various outcomes and I early on saw how difficult and complex these things can be. And I wrestled and wrestled with God. So if you ever want to wrestle through whatever your thoughts and feelings are about this. I’m here. No judgement just love and when you’re ready truth I found from my own wrestling.

Lastly, to those who this stirs up a well spring of emotions for reasons to complex or deep to explain. My heart goes out to you. And for those who this brings up complex emotions because of decisions you have made in your past, or even those who were more or less made for you. My heart goes out to you. And for those in the middle of complex and scary times and decisions that all this is adding anxiety to you. My heart goes out to you. Again, my ability to love you and listen to you and sit with you in it all is still the same as ever. None of this changes that. Wether you are following Jesus or not(are a Christian or not) doesn’t change my ability to still live this thing called life with you. Because personally, because I believe in life being precious-all of it-every person-born and unborn-every race-gender-belief-political stance or politically homeless-every human being having deep value and created in the image of God, and I believe that means to follow Jesus is to do my best in my imperfect way to see everyone the way Jesus does. To see them created in the image of God with deep value. Not with loud words or judgement, but with the firm but gentle love that God has shown me time and again.

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