Love is not about control

I shared this in an Instagram post, but realized when I uploaded the layout of my blog my IG isn’t linked. So until I get that figured out I thought this one was worth posting here too. 🧡❤️

This is so true. And applies to any situation. If your significant other is always controlling or jealous, that is not love. Love is about freedom and trust. Forced love is not love. Love is a choice that continues to be made year after year, moment after moment. We see this even with God’s love. He gives us a choice to choose Him or not. Without that choice it wouldn’t be love. And once we do choose Him, His love isn’t about control and rules. He has things that have our best in mind and things that are said from wisdom and love. But if we don’t listen to that wisdom and mess up His love doesn’t change. We have freedom to make choices and His love remains constant. And the amazing thing is that in that kind of understanding and true love your heart naturally wants to make the wise and right choice. And there is such safety found with God when you understand this. Love in relationships and with God takes both sides choosing love and trust. And yes, it takes two people. The cool thing with God is it is His constant nature to always choose love, always choose you.

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