What I was afraid of has happened.  Writer’s block!  For weeks now every poem, blog post, Tweet, or Instagram post…nothing! The question that had haunted me for awhile was what if, the pain and struggle of life and things I had put off working through and healing from, were what fueled my creativity?  What if... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Wisdom

You might have seen the #blackandwhitechallege going around Facebook and Instagram. I've enjoyed looking at friends different pictures of ordinary things from their daily lives, but when a friend challenged me. I kinda froze. I pondered it for a few days. Thought, "I'll quietly ignore it and just not do it." Part of me was... Continue Reading →

New poetry!

  Say I want say something meaningful Something inspiring and beautiful Words to explain the joy and the pain I want to say something that makes you think Something that will breathe hope; so you won’t sink Words that make you laugh and make you cry I feel it rising up in me Words Emotions... Continue Reading →

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