Hey Everyone!

Tomorrow it will be a month from when I started the music challenge. I am happy to say that it has been going really well! I even lost track of how long I had been listening to nothing but Christian music. I’ve even discovered some new groups that I have come to really like! It probably won’t be hard for to me to continue listening to more Christian music than anything else. It seems hard to believe but it has helped put everything back into perspective for me!! It has been very refreshing!

So the other thing is that it is a WEEK before the BreakDown Regional Conference!!! I am so flip flopping excited!!!! It’s not going to be as big as the first with only BreakDown St. Louis, some of Chicago, and some from the new team starting in Kentucky, but it will still be awesome!!! Words can’t even begin to describe how excited I am!!!!!!

It is also exciting to see how God is moving with-in this group! Like this past Saturday we were working on the skit that we have been shaping for several weeks now and we just were really having a hard time. We came together and started discussing our concerns with the scene, and we ended up completely re-writing it that day! Then on Tuesday, we held an emergency meeting to work on the scene that we want to do for the conference. I was really nervous on how we were going to pull this off. I know that it was in God’s hands because we nailed it on Tuesday! It was so amazingly good for literally just coming up with it. We only have 3 solid scenes and the scene with all the girls was the one that was the most complicated. It’s all so exciting! This Saturday we will have practice for pretty much the whole day…as long as we need to have it to get everything down. Then come Wednesday, we will be heading to the conference!! That first night is our show case night where we will perform it for the first time. It is all so exciting! =)

If you could just keep us in your prayers as we go into this next week, it would be greatly appreciated!

Hope you all are keeping cool in this crazy heat!

Have a good day!

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