BreakDown Regional Conference 2010!!

Hey everyone!

These few weeks have been crazy for me! I have been working on my summer classes like crazy so that I wouldn’t have much to do this week with the BreakDown conference. Here it the first day of the conference…I’m a little sleep deprived, but super excited! This week is going to be awesome! It had a great kick off on Monday when I got to hang out the whole day with Lindsay! We went swimming and I got a little sunburned. lol We couldn’t go swimming at first because there was the biggest spider in Indiana in the pool and we had an army wasps attacking us. Finally after killing the spider that would not die and fighting off the wasps, we got to swim.
Today is Wednesday, the first day of the BreakDOwn conference. I’m sitting here waiting for people to come and check-in. The rest of this week will be amazing! I’m praying that God speaks clearly to all of this week and to me specifically. I’ve been so stressed with school and everything that I am so ready to have some fun with my BD family and grow closer to God! I am also excited because I am on the worship team for the conference. I haven’t sung in front of people for a long time and I love that I can now use it to worship Jesus! I’m super excited! I could go on for quite a while, but I should really go.
Please be praying for us! Have a good rest of the week!
God Bless!!

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