New Poem!

Image 8-17-19 at 4.27 PM


Fear starts to creep in


You have put on my heart

But fear is calling for me to give up before I even start

Spin around in my head


The possibility of that shakes me

But I know that my God does not waste anything
He is the God of redemption

The God who gives success

The One who gives dreams and callings

He is the God who gives me strength and wisdom and breath in my lungs

I know I need to cling to knowing He has this


Because He is the one who knows the plans for my life

And I know His promise is that those plans are for my good

Though I wrestle with doubt and fear- God is with me


I dig into His Word making sure my wisdom is not my own

Life is a journey of daily walking with God and seeking Him for my day to day
He is the One who has called me into a relationship with Him

He is God who redeemed my life and set me free

The One who has called me to glorify His name

The One who gave me my story to tell

God is where my Redeemed Journey starts

And where yours can too

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