Prayer Warrior: The Unseen Battle

She is strong

A warrior you might say

When her feet hit the floor–she’s already fighting battles

Training daily and practicing to sharpen her combat skills

She plans with passionate detail every defensive attack

Her enemy is crafty

But she has armies

Her enemy is persistent 

But her commander is relentless 

With her commander interceding and instructing

She has the wisdom that transcends time


She does not just strike back when she is attacked

But learns to anticipate her enemy’s every move

She learns to always remain alert 

Knowing her enemy can always attack


And when the enemy attacks

She is ready

She grabs her weapon and heads straight into battle

Fear or exhaustion has no place for her

She opens her mouth

And her knees hit the ground

And the first blow to her enemy cuts through the air 

Strong and determined her weapon the words send her enemy crumpling


She continues with the battle

She calls her enemy out

And the armies on her side prepare to defend her

The enemy charges

She shouts out attack!

And her weapon sends a blow square to her enemy’s jaw

Telling him he has no place in her life


The enemy isn’t finished yet

But neither is she

She speaks the truth of who she is 

And in a single sweep destroys her enemy’s fiery darts of lies and deception


But the battle continues

Before her enemy can place his next move

She’s sought her commander’s wisdom and anticipated her enemy’s next plan

She boldly strikes blows with recounting the battles she and her commander have won

She continues the attack

Declaring that her enemy’s tactics will not work on her

They will not tear her down


Her enemy appears to retreat

But she knows better than that

The wisdom imparted her helps her to know that there is still a final battle yet 

She stands alert

Determination and courage growing in her

She recounts how in every battle she is never alone


How in every battle she has armies on her side

How when the battle persisted and she grew weary

Those armies and her commander still kept fighting for her honor


And sure as she stands 

Feet placed firmly on the truth that she stands 

Her enemy comes in for another plan

He is attacking her commander and slandering his name

He sneaks behind her and twists the truth into her back 

He twists the knife saying she is as good as dead

That no one will help her and her commander doesn’t care


She cries out in pain

Spins and around jerks the knife out

As she triumphantly declares

Just who her commander is

His faithfulness and goodness to her

His might and power

And his ultimate victory


The blades of her words slice through her enemy’s flesh

As her commander comes leading the charge 

Her enemy sees the multitude of armies 

And her undeterred strength

Along with the wounds she’s inflicted

And he retreats


A shout of victory rises from her lips

She begins to fall to the ground as she remembers her wound

But her commander is there to catch her

He places his hand on her wound

And it begins to heal


She rests in his arms

Knowing that he is always with her

She soaks in the wisdom He shares

And restores her strength in the truth He speaks

And once again she is ready for battle 

Scars and all

Badges of honor for the battles she’s fought. 

woman fist in air

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