Abba, Who Keeps His Promises (poem)

Bonus poem day! I wrote this one Monday night. Actually just a few days after the first one I posted today. Even though there is part of me that is still healing, still feels broken at times, and still struggles with lies from my past. I’m also choosing to fight to believe truth in my life. To understand who I am in Christ. And to rest in the love and joy found in the arms of God, my Abba.

My heart is so happy and content

My life is more amazing now that I would have ever thought

You are making my brokenness into something beautiful

I’m blessed by your You kindness to me

You made promises to me

Promises I wasn’t sure how or if I could believe You to keep

But You’re true to your word and I’m seeing them answered

You are redeeming and restoring all that the locusts ate

You’re teaching me how to laugh

How to live

How to be a child in Your presence again

How to laugh and how to dance

You’ve covered me in Your grace

You’re moment but moment healing my heart

You’ve surrounded me with your angel armies

You’re holding me when I cry tears of healing

You bring joy into my heart

And friends to trust

And speak truth

And show Your love to me

And my life even now

Just the way it is

Is more beautiful

Than I could have ever imagined

And my heart is overwhelmed with gratefulness

It’s moved to praise and to sing my heart to You

For You are a Good Father

Abba, you are my everything

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