I am Pro-Women

I’m pro women

I’m pro women’s right

But 31 years ago a woman had a choice

A woman was stuck in a difficult decision

A woman had the right to choose

But what about the baby girl in her womb?

What rights does she have?

Does she have the right to speak if she could?

Does she have no rights simply because she can’t voice them?

What about the young girl to young to understand the abuse done to her

Considered by society of needing protection because she’s too young for consent

We don’t give her a choice for she’s too young to understand

We defend and protect her and are abhorred at those who don’t

So what’s different with the girl unborn?

What if that woman hadn’t chosen to defend and protect that baby girl?

Would there had been a loss?

Would the world be different?

What about the teen girl broken and lost without hope

She’s gone through more than she thinks she can stand

And wants to end it all

What about her rights?

Her right to get out of her pain

Her right to end her life

And not live in the world that seems to be out to break her

But we fight for her

Stand up for her

What if friends hadn’t supported her, loved, and done what they could to protect her?

What if she had chosen to end her life?

Would there be a loss?

Would the world be different?

And what if I told you

That baby girl

That teen girl broken by the world

Was me

Would there be a loss?

Would the world be different?

Would your world be different?

I’m nobody

So maybe not

But I have friends who know me and they say yes-that there would be a loss and their world’s would be different

They said yes when they’ve prayed for me to choose life for myself

And intervened to save my life

They’ve said yes when they’ve sat with me sharing in tears about the things that broke my heart

So if you know me

How would you answer?

If my birth mom hadn’t decided to protect and provide for me through adoption

I wouldn’t be here

You wouldn’t know me

You wouldn’t have me as a friend

Wouldn’t know my smile and my laughter

And if I didn’t have people intervening in my depression and praying for me

I wouldn’t be here

Those who know me now

Never would

So my point is this

Women are powerful

Women have value

Women have rights

Women have the right to live

Women have the right to be protected

Especially when they are young

When they don’t have a voice

A women’s life is precious

Her heart is full of strength

And should be protected for the strength it possesses

All women

All life

Born and unborn

Deserve rights and life

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