Waiting on the Lord

Waiting. I feel like my whole life has been about waiting. I mean think about it. Since we were little we’ve had to learn to wait. Wait for our birthdays and Christmas. Wait to be old enough or tall enough to do things we want. Our whole lives we spend learning to wait. Yet, for me at least, it never seems to get easier. Especially waiting on dreams and spouses and kids and such. But God says to “wait”. To wait on Him and His timing. His plan. I love the rest of this verse and it’s reminder that we can trust Him and rest in Him because He is our refuge and our rock. That breathes such life and joy to my heart knowing that even when waiting is hard. Even when tears flow. My God, my Abba, has always been there and will always be. He is pursuing me a shelter and the rock that is where I get my hope. Where I get my identity. Where I get peace in the tension between contentment in Him and my dreams and hopes. And when I surrender and just be in that place pouring my heart out to Him and yet surrendering to His plan for my life is where I fall find my heart filled with overwhelming joy and love for Him. It’s where I get lost in truth that he has only the best for me. And it’s there that makes the waiting worth it. Because I’m the waiting it brings me closer to the one who has and will always have my heart. 💖

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